“Nickel Bridge” is the nickname for Richmond Virginia’s Boulevard Bridge, built in 1925 by a private corporation to link the area south of the James River to the rest of the city for development.

The original toll to cross was a 5 cents each way. It went through a brief stint as the “Dime Bridge” in the early 70s, but when the toll was raised to a quarter, it reverted to Nickel Bridge status, and there it remains, even though the current toll is 35 cents.

I am the child of Virginia natives, going back a few hundred years give or take. I’m a writer, mom, coffee and dog lover, professional teen-angst mediator, armchair psychologist, and amateur shape-shifter, in no particular order.

Sharing stories  with my children made me realize the treasure trove of tales gifted to me by my ancestors  about everyday life in familiar surroundings – a world long passed, that echoes into the present and shapes the future.

This is a collection of random writings; fiction, thoughts about the craft, recipes, and whatever rabbit hole I may be down at the moment.

The Nickel Bridge received a long overdue renovation in 1992. But I’m pretty sure that when you cross the bridge, it’s still possible to fall in.